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Welcome to The Small Luxury Cookbook volume 2

A culinary journey that gives a true taste of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World experience via a selection of over two hundred recipes, from an international roster of chefs that ranges from household names to those of more local renown.

Expert, imaginative and exciting food is an essential ingredient for our hotels. It can set them apart from the crowd, adding to their uniqueness and offering our guests the real taste of a local experience. For some it is a Michelin-starred tasting menu, and for others the opportunity to sample local dishes in a beautiful and appropriate setting.

We are delighted that the variety and originality of the recipes here reflects just this, and demonstrates the independently-minded approach that helps Small Luxury Hotels to stand out from the crowd.

These pages offer a wealth of inspiring ideas for your kitchen, with methods and ingredients from every continent and region. The level of culinary expertise required to recreate them varies, but the thought and experience that has gone into their creation is consistently of the highest standard.

As with hotels, food is all about enjoyment. We hope you’ll find this book both an inspiration to cook and to travel.

Filip Boyen, CEO

Small Luxury Hotels of the World™