As with its preceding volumes, these pages will take you on a global culinary journey that offers a vibrant and exciting taste of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World experience.

Expert, imaginative and above all delicious food is among the many qualities that distinguish Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

For some this will mean a Michelin-starred tasting menu; for others an opportunity to sample authentic local dishes in a beautiful and restful setting. We hope you agree that the variety and originality of these recipes demonstrates the independently-minded approach to quality that helps our hotels stand out from the crowd.

With main course recipes from our hotels around the world, whose chefs include both household names and those of more local but no less loyally supported renown, these pages offer a wealth of inspiring ideas for your kitchen. The level of culinary ability required to recreate them varies, but the expertise that has gone into their creation is consistently of the highest calibre.

And above all, as with hotels, food is all about enjoyment. We hope you’ll find this book an inspiration both to cook and to travel.

Filip Boyen, CEO

Small Luxury Hotels of the World™