Grilled chicken paillard

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per serving

1 skinless chicken breast 1 potato
1 carrot
200g pineapple

a handful baby spinach

25g assorted nuts, roughly chopped


1tsp balsamic vinegar 1tsp white vinegar salad oil-2 tablespoon

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Serves 2

Cut the potato into very fine strips (julienne) and deep fry until crisp and just browning, then drain and leave to cool. Julienne the carrot and pineapple.

For the vinaigrette gently whisk together the vinegars and a little salt and pepper, gradually adding 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Slice the chicken breast in half lengthwise and gently pound each portion flat. Rub with salt and pepper and a little oil as desired, then sear both sides in a non stick pan until cooked through. Set aside, keeping warm.

Mix the baby spinach, carrot, pineapple, deep fried potatoes and nuts, and toss in the balsamic dressing.

Place the grilled chicken in a salad plate with the salad on top. Drizzle the remaining balsamic vinaigrette over the plate.