The Recipes

The Americas

Caprese salad
Mozzarella globe salad
Mushrooms with garlic and guajillo chilli ‘salbut’
Yucca medallions with plantain purée and roasted lychee
Charcoal-roasted sea cicada with coconut and tomato tartare, avocado foam, passion fruit vinaigrette and crispy plantains
Local fish ceviche
Local fish ceviche, lime, peanuts and coconut milk
Money bags
Prawn mousseline stuffed with confit tomato with pepián vinaigrette
Prawn tartare
Seared scallops with edamame cream nori cigarette filled with mousse of local caught lobster, salmon caviar
Salmon, chayote and beetroot triple tartare with sweet potato chips
Smoked salmon with guacamole and nachos
Lobster and brie fondue
Marinated cucumber with seared ahi tuna and avocado wasabi mousse
Sea bass tartare: black garlic aïoli, beet foam, nut crumble
Seared tuna salad with fresh beet vinaigrette
Sesame crusted Atlantic yellowfin tuna tataki with wakame salad, caramelised soy sauce and microherbs
Smoked trout, devilled quail eggs with smoked trout roe, mustard, and rye
Duck tacos with pineapple chutney and honey of agave
Foie gras hot and cold, pain perdu, vanilla pickled cherries
Pressed pork gorditas

Australasia Pacific

Crayfish meatballs
Raw Moreton Bay bug smoked over paper bark
Sous vide coconut crab
Beetroot cured Ora King salmon, orange, avocado and red cabbage
Little Polynesian ika mata

North Asia

Fruit flowers
Goat cheese, beetroot, mango, raspberry caviar
Grilled tofu with asparagus and morchella
Glazed peony shrimp tail and avocado roulade, golden salmon caviar, shrimp dim sum, beluga caviar, micro leaves, fennel jelly
Stone grilled scallop lollipops wrapped in Chinese Jinhua ham
Bretagne lobster and couscous salad
Tuna tartare
Grilled fillet of beef with caesar salad
Grow steak tartare

South Asia

Signature aged teak cocktail
Kuih ketayap
Parmesan basket Caprese
Carabinero prawn tartare with sweet and sour nam jim tod mun gel, whipped basil oil, quail egg and black sesame charcoal
Goong Sa Rong: Andaman prawns wrapped in Phuket rice noodles with curry honey sauce
Thung thong: Thai prawn crispy dumplings
Pink ravioli
Prahok ktih
Yellow fin tuna and baby lobster: pepper and chilli crusted tuna, honey, arrack glazed baby lobster fermented tomato bath and curry coconut cream
Ceviche of local tuna, lobster and jackfish with aji rocoto sauce
Coconut and drumstick leaf crusted seared Maldivian tuna
Lemon battered yellowfin
Sea bass ceviche (Thai influenced)
Chinese lime chicken
Kari debal – devil curry
Laab Gai: spicy minced chicken salad with mint leaf and roasted rice
Towgil barabus binturung


Melting vegetables to share
Pickled garden cucumber with a duo of local goat’s cheese, Asian marinated mushrooms, yoghurt crème and dill cucumber goat’s cheese broth
Sweet potato with Kenyan salsa and avocado
King prawns ‘moto moto’ with Swahili mango chutney
Mozambican prawn spring rolls
Smoked marlin and half cooked fresh palm heart, mixed sprouts and fruity virgin oil
Tuna Tataki served on cucumber with wasabi mayonnaise and toasted sesame seeds

Greece, The Balkans & Near East

Buckwheat porridge with button mushrooms and asparagus on carrot purée with apples
Fava in kataifi pastry with mezzo sauce
Fresh asparagus with quail eggs, hollandaise sauce and black truffle
Sweet and sour xerotigano with sour mizithra cheese, honey and raki syrup
Trilogy of Greek dips – taramosalata : melitzanosalata : fava beans purée
Grilled octopus from Halkidiki with fava beans from Santorini
Stuffed calamari
Farmer’s grilled chicken suprême with asparagus and ratatouille
Liver with pistachio rolls and caramelised apricot

Southern Europe

Artichokes and hazelnuts
Battered courgette flowers
Cannolo and roe, mango and goat’s cheese bruschetta and tomato
Cold tomato cream with Cetara anchovies and Colatura di Alici
Five layers of onion
Cream of cèpes
Mellow rice with seasonal mushrooms, egg yolk and black truffle
Pumpkin carpaccio with parmesan, hazelnut pesto and fresh marjoram
Pumpkin rind with Mazara del Vallo raw prawns, passion fruit and almonds
Roasted artichoke with cream of Colonnata lard, garlic and parsley
Sepia-beetroot risotto
Tomato salad
Tortello norma
Wood-oven French onion soup
Brown crab salad with tiger prawns and avocado
Cataplana clams ‘à Bulhão Pato’
Citrus scallops with black squid ink
Diver caught scallop carpaccio, jerusalem artichoke purée, pistachios & tarragon oil
Fagottelli with Lefay extra virgin olive oil in seafood stew
Potato ravioli stuffed with shrimp and ganxet white beans
Prawn salad
Prawn salad in melon
Roasted scallop, insalata russa of beetroot and parmesan fondue
Fresh cured beetroot salmon salad
Fresh sturgeon with Rossini cocktail, tzatziki, seaweed sponge and caviar flakes
Low temperature cooked sturgeon with hay-flavoured yoghurt and oyster cream
Octopus with sweet potatoes and ají amarillo
Under a black garlic veil: mushrooms, Iberian ham and lobster; pumpkin, free range egg yolk with sherry wine
‘Escudella’ soup, foie gras and Santa Pau beans
Farinheira ‘pataniscas’ with red bean purée and black olives
Farinheira parfait: celery bulb purée, toffee and green apple
Foie gras terrine and escalope with raspberries, pistachios and red onion
Grilled octopus with goat’s cheese and dried figs
Red mullet in peasant bread crust, artichokes and aperol
Sea bass tartare
The Portuguese sardine
Tuna Tataki with peanuts, kaffir lime and avocado
Partridge escabeche
Suckling pig belly, crispy potatoes with the freshness of watercress and orange

Northern Europe

Smoked salmon canapé
Variation of Eden canapés
Burrata di bufala with snow peas velouté and Tahiti vanilla oil
Maritime egg and potato
Smoked ricotta with peas and elderflower
Soft boiled eggs
Steamed asparagus on a cream of celeriac with local apples, rapeseed oil and toasted hazelnuts
Sweet-sour-spicy Granny Smith
The organic hen’s egg: New Zealand spinach with sweet chorizo, mustard bread
Brittany lobster and shellfish: razor clams, special oyster, crispy pig’s trotter, rice cream with seaweed
Carpaccio of hand dived scallops with truffle vinaigrette
Carpaccio of scallop with poached oyster in prosciutto and lardo di Collonato, herb quinoa and Sicilian blood orange
Fried diver-caught Isle of Skye scallops, green peas on chocolate earth and smoked ricotta
Mayan Gold potato, mussel, Exmoor caviar, dill
Pan-seared Kenmare scallops with Rosscarbery black pudding and almond crumble cauliflower picalilli, pancetta and sage oil
Peeky-toe crab and avocado roulade
Prawn crackers
Roast scallops with avocado, French beans and hazelnut dressing
Scallops coated with crunchy walnuts, nettle agnolotti and seasonal leaves
Sea fresh Loch Fyne oyster terrine poached and set in merlot, cucumber juice and chicory
Sea scallop carpaccio, vinaigrette of vegetables with kalamansi and Petrossian caviar
Snails in the forest
Steamed prawn tails, almond guacamole and ‘Millo Crow’ black corn polenta crisp
Cold smoked Austrian sturgeon and caviar: artichoke and puffed millet
Cured blackened arctic char
Cured Rangá salmon Kalli’s special
Fish ’n’ chips: beer-battered cod with fries, coleslaw and tartare sauce
Juniper salted salmon with horseradish and fennel
Picasso char
Risotto of Jersey squid, pickled cauliflower, scallop ceviche, anchovy bubbles
Smoked Lake Geneva fera with crunchy vegetables and pickles, lovage accompaniment
Sous vide European plaice, spring vegetable garden
Pierre’s Whitefish Cordon Bleu
Cornish fish soup with garlic mayonnaise
Mackerel with preserved currants and mushrooms
Marinated yellowfin tuna with daikon, wasabi sorbet and crispy seaweed
Sea bass carpaccio with pickled yellow beetroot
Stonebass ceviche
Tuna tartare with oriental flavours
Foie gras terrine with umeshu lychee and chocolate-mint marmalade
Warm mousseline of Goosnargh cornfed chicken, with spinach, shiitakes and soy butter sauce
Marsh lamb and seaweed consommé
Boiled fillet aspic
Tartare of Danish venison with truffles, pickled beets and broken gel