Melting vegetables to share

serves 6

6 small aubergines
6 small beetroots
6 medium turnips
1 yellow pepper
3 orange carrots
3 yellow carrots
6 small courgettes
1 bunch green onions
1tbs salt flakes

Maisons des Rêves Asiat sauce

4tbs lime juice
1tsp grated ginger
1tsp Xeres vinegar
1tbs fish sauce
3tbs soy sauce
7tbs olive oil
1tbs fresh coriander
1 small clove garlic
3 peppermill turns black pepper

Wash the aubergines, keeping the stalks and skin. Thoroughly wash the beetroots, keeping the skin but shortening the roots and leaves to 1cm. Peel the turnips, keeping 8mm stalks.

Wrap the aubergines, beetroots and the turnips individually in baking paper. Bake on an oven tray for an hour at 120˚C. Wash the pepper and peel the carrots, keeping 1cm stalks. Place and space evenly on an oven tray covered with aluminium foil and cook for 30 minutes at 120˚C.

Take the pepper out of the oven and leave the carrots for a further 30 minutes. Put the pepper in a plastic bag to make it sweat before gently peeling. Wash and steam the courgettes whole to al dente, then set aside. Wash the green onions, cut the stalks to 15cm long, bunch them together, and steam until they’re soft. Sprinkle with salt flakes.

For the sauce, mix the lime juice and grated ginger in a bowl. Stir in the Xeres vinegar, fish sauce, soy sauce and olive oil. Rinse and chop the coriander, and peel and finely slice the garlic. Add the coriander and garlic just before serving and season with pepper.

When all the vegetables are ready, peel the beetroots and cut the carrots in half lengthwise, keeping the stalks. Arrange all the vegetables together in a serving plate and season with Asiat sauce before serving.